We Roll Up Our Sleeves

Our downsizing service* is a multi-step process of sorting, cataloging and organizing:

  • Dispersal of items to family and friends, as directed
  • Sale through estate buyers
  • Donations to charity of choice
  • Disposal of unwanted items

We are especially respectful in our handling of belongings that have sentimental value and exercise great care in our goal of leaving every home broom-swept clean.

* Pick-up and delivery is available, if required.

Our Mission Statement

Movin On Managers was born after going through the process of moving my parents to a new smaller home and eventually to an assisted living community over the course of many years. Through those experiences, I have come to understand the compassion, patience, and time it requires to transition parents and loved ones into a new living space, meet their individual needs and keep them comfortable. Now, at Movin On Managers, we continue this mission that means so much to us and so many, by helping families and their loved ones get the best relocation service they deserve.

We Sweat the Details

For those seeking complete oversight of their loved one’s move, our relocation services ensure a smooth transition to their new home—and their new lifestyle. We can:

When it’s time to move in, we make sure the new space feels exactly like home.

Delivering Peace of Mind

We’re licensed, bonded and insured, but how we really earn your trust is through our approach. We come from a place of understanding. Moves are personal and that’s why we handle each client as though they were our own family member.

Consider us your go-to resource for relocation packages and a la carte moving services.


Downsize Without Compromise

Relocation stress is real. For older adults, the process of downsizing to a new home has added challenges. The prospect of having to sift through boxes of paperwork, closets full of long-forgotten items and a lifetime of accumulated treasures can be overwhelming.

It’s also hard on family members who want to comfortably transition loved ones to the next chapter, while trying to balance their own busy lives.

That’s where Movin On Managers comes in.

We’re downsizing experts, assisting seniors, retirees, boomers and their families in all aspects of the moving process, from decluttering to relocation services, and we do it with care and compassion.

Meet Robin Lichtman

When Robin’s aging parents needed help downsizing and moving from their large home to an apartment, she found very few resources to assist in the logistics of what seemed like a very common problem. Inspired by this experience, Robin left the financial sector to begin Movin’ On Managers. A service that provides assistance, guidance and support for seniors, boomers and their families, when life needs to move on.

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